Baking solely is a tricky business. You can beam amazing cook, delivering all the mouth-watering dishes and delicacies. But, baking? That’s a whole new world. If you can’t get one thing right from the dough itself to the finished product, then you will end with a gooey mess. This us the main reason it takes years of diligent practice and patience to become a professional baker, and many are even reluctant even to the idea of baking.

However, it need not be such a daunting process as it seems to be. Like any other skill, baking also requires constant practice and effort. If you consider yourself as a baker, then let’s put your practice to test because we’re going to discuss the ten things every baker ought to know :


Whether we’re professionals or not, everyone is aware of the necessary ingredients to make a delicious cake. However, did you know that even the temperature of these ingredients plays a crucial role in your finalized product? Yes, the temperature of all the raw materials should be apt. Never use raw ingredients in your baking. Cold butter, milk or flour will be spilt when the ingredients come together. Always use them in room temperature.


Fresh ingredients

Always use fresh items when you’re baking. Don’t expect a delicious result when you’re using stale products.

Dry and wet ingredients

Most times, when we mix the dry and wet ingredients, they tend to form lumps that are difficult to get rid of. To prevent this, always mix the dry and wet ingredients separately, and you can add them together in batches of three. This ensures a lump-free mixture.

Folding method

While you mix your ingredients, it is essential to note the technique. A cut and fold technique works best to assimilate the items together. Using a metal spoon or a rubber spatula can ease the process.

Cake tins

Although this might sound abrupt to you, cake tins also play a significant role in baking your cake evenly. A plain tin is preferable than black ones as they absorb more heat, which can result in uneven baking.

Cake tins


It is essential to know your oven. If you’re following a receipt from the internet or a book, you should be aware of the type of oven they’re using. Usually, cakes are based at 180/160 degrees for 30min. If you have a smaller or a powerful one, you might have to adjust accordingly.


if your oven is divided into different compartments, then it is always safe to bake in the middle one as there is even temperature, which also results in an even product.


If you screw up the measurements, then you won’t have your desired product, let alone the taste, you will not be able to look at the gooey mess. Hence, follow the exact measurements. It is better to use a digital scale than to measure in cups or tablespoons.


Follow the guide

If you’re baking or the first time, then it is pretty obvious you’ll be compelled to follow the recipe. However, it is equally important to follow it even if you’re a professional. There are times when anything could go wrong.


Beat the ingredients well, especially the cream and sugar. If you’re not doing it right, then again you know the result.